Adding or create a Big Blue Button Web Conference App

Hi, I saw the webex conferencing app, is there a way to do the dame for bigbluebutton? a drupal module for online web conferencing. how do I create an App?
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James Aparicio

Hi afldegnum,

Hi afldegnum,

The apps are just modules that are hosted on our server, and have synced with a drupal module called Apps.

You can just create your own module. 

I think another forum user (major) has already did this, at least started.

He even shared some code. Take a look, you can collaborate.

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You can hire an app development team and ask them to build Big Blue Button app for you. In the meantime, enjoy using web conferencing apps like webex, gotomeeting, R-HUB web conferencing servers, etc.

Recently, the stability of

Recently, the stability of BigBlueButton service has visibly grown. Integrated with createwebinar dot com service, you will have a convenient and reliable tool for conducting internet conferences. In addition, it is free of charge! It has everything you will need – automation of webinar invitations, video recording which can then be downloaded in MP4 format or uploaded to Vimeo video hosting. For users that have Apple devices which don’t support flash, based on your application will create room on HTML5. Open for all, requiring approval and closed list invitation settings are also available.