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Hey guys, I'm evaluating opigno as our future eLearning plattform, using the 30-day trial. Now I'm trying to structure everything in classes and courses - but I can't find a way to add courses to a class. It says in the manual that classes can contain courses, but where to I add them? It's not there in the manual. Can you help me? thanks, David
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Hi dk,

Hi dk,


After you created the courses, if you create or edit a class there is a field where you can select the courses for the class.

After that, in the class there is a button on the top right where you can specify the order of the courses inside the class.

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Ahh, I see. Thanks, that

Ahh, I see. Thanks, that worked!

Setup Opigno for e-learning

I am reviewing Opigno for my school and i must say it's great!! I am lost as to how to assign subject to the classes i created. I am using version 2.15. There seem to be no link between a class and trainings. I need help on the following: 1. Is a Training synonymous to Subject? 2. I need an explanation of the relationship between Class and subject I have read the manual but it does not seem clear. could you please clarify this relationship for me? In my use case, i have classes who have specific subjects/courses. All students in the class offer the subjects assigned to the class. How do i set this up in Opigno? Please i need your help. Thank you

Hi Usoft,

Hi Usoft,

In Opigno 2.x a class is simply linked to a training as being member of the training (you can register students and classes to the training).

After being member of the training, all the users of the class will have access to the training and all the contents inside.

A class is a group of students, and allows to register this whole group to a training in one click.