Add Content Popup Form Buttons Don't Work? - Ajax

Greetings - thanks for your teams great work! This has saved me a ton of work and allowed me to get on to the testing portion of my project. I have a strange problem that when I try to use the popup form to add content to a lesson, none of the buttons seem to work. I believe this is an Ajax form. I am specifically at the Courses --> Ouline-->Child Pages page, I click on the "Add Content" button and a popup appears. I can click around and select the different radio buttons, but when I try to select the "Add Content" button it only changes the button image to highlight it like it has been clicked. Nothing actually happens. I have noticed also hat some of the messages that are displayed I cannot dismiss by clicking the X, but others I can. I am viewing the page using Chrome, on a Win7 box but I get the same results on my Win 2012 server using IE 11. Thanks.
James Aparicio

Hi kafir,

Hi kafir, Can you please show the content of your console browser, when this happens? Best regards