Add audio recorder to Question?

Hi, I would like to add an audio recorder to Fileupload question, so students could record their answers and submit them directly, rather than upload recording files. Basically the idea is to replace the file upload section with an audio recorder when student takes the Fileupload question. I installed "audio field" and "audio recorder field" modules, but when I added the audio recorder field to the Fileupload Question, it only shows a recorder when I edit the question, but won't show the recorder to the student who takes the question. Any idea how I could achieve this? Many thanks!! Juliette

Hi Juliette.

Hi Juliette. Great idea. This will require some custom coding, though. The field you are refering to is for attaching a single recording to a content, I imagine. So it can be attached to the question, but not the question result. To give you a few pointers*: you would need to register a new Question type, which has such a audio recorder field. It could extend the file upload question, and implement the logic from the audio recorder module. This, in itself, is not that much work, as most of the heavy lifting is done by existing modules, You just bridge the parts together. Let me know how it goes. * If you have no Drupal developers at hand, we can provide you with a quote for this and develop it for you.

Hi Wadmiraal,

Hi Wadmiraal, The recorder will be used by students who take the quiz, and the recorded file will be scored manually by the teacher who creates the quiz. How much does it approximately cost for you to develop a new question type like this? Is it an hourly rate? Thanks, Juliette