404 on View Private Messages

Hi, I am having an issue with Viewing Private Message URL. Users are able to send and receive messages, but when clicking on the message to view, the URL returns page not found this is because the URL is broken, because it does not have the full site url. The URL broken is as follows ip-add/private-message/3 instead of ip-add/site-dir/web/private-message/2 But if i complete the URL by appending the site-name/web/private-messages/4/ it will redirect and work. The web part is because the opigno instance is composer installed. Anyone who can assist with this?

Location for the File to Modify.

A deep breakdown of the issue, i was able to locate the file that will need the modification, site-dir/modules/contrib/opigno_messaging/js/view_private_message.js, Line 50, window.location.href = language + '/private-messages/' + id; Appending my site URL before the /private worked, My site was composer installed so here's the new string to use in my case window.location.href = language + '/xxx/web/private-messages/' + id; then flush cache. I acknowledge this is not a good fix knowing that it's hard coding it to code but with time constraints, i had to use this for the fix, hope the Opigno team or anyone in a place to assist can create a patch. Thanks.

Hi Thanks for raising this…


Thanks for raising this issue.

It will be fixed in the next release of Opigno