3.0 H5P Bug


Interactive Content Activity - No menu for adding video, interactions, or summary. Same issue with Presentation - no menu to add/edit the presentation.


Same problem, but there is a Pantheon issue:

From Pantheon: https://pantheon.io/docs/modules-known-issues"Issue: Adding new libraries or content types from the H5P hub through the admin interface (or uploading large files from slow internet connections) can hit our max execution timeout, resulting in a 504 error. While not a solution, re-running the Install process multiple times may result in success. You can also attempt to upload .hp5 files from your local computer. If local uploads hit the timeout, please try from a faster connection."

After addressing this issue, I can now create an Interactive Video, but the video does not display/render when viewing the Activity. (Have a similar issue with Webform Image Select - can create, but the images do not display/render when viewing the form).