3.0 Dashboard Bug

Do not want users editing dashboard. If remove permission for Access to Dashboard Management from a role, e.g. Authenticated User (enable for other roles) then the user's dashboard does not render: white space with "loading deashboard..."

3.0 colorizer issue

Issue: 1 - The user profile block (home page) shows +# under Trends. A) What does this icon/visual mean, and B) the color (green) is coded (green) therefore doesn't fit with the colorizer theme and is not configurable (note: this is new to RC-1). Add to colorizer. 2 - Statistics are not editable views and the color is coded (green), therefore it doesn't fit with with colorizer theme and is not configurable. Add to colorizer.

Hi ironhead,   We have…

Hi ironhead,


We have greaty improved aristoteles color system in the latest betas and rc version.

Are you still having issues with the colors on the rc version?


Best regards


Key elemets are not colorized

ICONs and indicators in the User Statistics block on the home page are grean, not colorized, and therefore conflict if you chage site color schemes. Same issue with Statistics; it's bad UI to implemet a color theme/brand and then be stuck with green charts. This makes colorizer somewhat useless unless Opigno green is in your palette. The fix unfortunately is DIY.

Id be on the same page as…

Id be on the same page as ironhead here. All icons aren't overwritable unless custom code in place. Our color scheme doesn't have green at all but we are currently stuck with green images unless we patch up opigno's core theme. Any way to have this modifiable?