2.0 on drupal 8

As Og, Quiz don't have a stable version on drupal 8, how can opigno on drupal 8 work? Thanks!


Hi, I'm interested in this question, too! In the first place, the D7 quiz module has been a bit challenging for our users considering the time measurement (no automatic timer interruption when navigating away from the lesson / stopping time is coupled with the lesson's test evaluation). Nevertheless, it works very well for now. Actually, I hope for a replacement that addresses these particular flaws. I definitely would be looking forward to a native Opigno quiz module. This could make the system more "monolithic" in terms of custom programming. Best regards, Paul.



D8 version of Opigno will introduce a native Opigno quiz module. This will be much mor flexible and robust.

Regarding time spent, this will be indeed the opportunity to implement a more reliable way to calculate it.

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Hi Axel,

Hi Axel, that sounds great, I'm excited for the beta release! Best regards, Paul.