#1.21 Cound't create "live meeting" content

Hello Gratz for the new release, really nice as usual :) I had a problem when I try to create a live meeting, it redirects me to the homepage and shows this error: Field Groups audience must be populated via URL No specific erros logged on reports/dblog except a notice:Trying to get property of non-object in opigno_class_app_course_already_listed() (line 60 of profiles /opigno_lms/ modules/opigno/ opigno_class_app/ opigno class_app.views.inc). Any idea please? :)
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James Aparicio

Hi eva,

Hi eva,

Hayou you gone to admin/opigno/system/moxtra and activated it?

Best regards


Hi eva,

Hi eva,


In order to attribute a course or a class to a live meeting, you have to create it using the link from the course.
So activate the live meetings in the course settings, then go to the tab "live meetings" of the course and create your meeting from here.


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  Allan Mermod


Hi James,

Hi James, Yes I did, Moxtra app is activated and I got my organization ID on Opigno.org Just tried to reproduce in another Opigno install and same problem. Could be related to my server configuration? OG permission? Will work on it this weekend and update my post if fixed :) Ok, found something. Need to add the OG ref to the url, like: ?q=node/add/live-meeting**&og_group_ref=123** In fact, it is possible to create a new live meeting content if I go into a course/class and select "live meeting" in the tools list, then click on the icon and then create a live meeting. As if the problem is related to OG? I don't know if it is a bug , I could reproduce it in two different installations and also on https://simplytest.me/ Thx James


Hello Allan, Thanks, this is exactly what I've done I thought we could create live meetings like with the Webex App on Opigno (create a webex video conf and select the group audience after) Well, everything is okay, thx guys :)