Translation tab missing

I have enabled the multilingual content and content translation modules. I have set both the Course and Lesson content types to "Multilingual support - Enabled, with translation". The permissions look like they are set correctly for Administrator to administer the translations. I am expecting that when I edit a Course or Lesson that is in English, I will see a translation tab that will allow me to add translations for the enabled languages. I don't see such a tab. What am I missing here? Thanks for the help.

Re: Translation tab missing.

I at least have a workable situation now. My edit screens for Course and Lesson don't have a Translation tab, but I can reach the translation page at /node/%/translate. So far I've tested two question types, Matching and Multiple Choice, and the edit screens do have a Translation tab. If the rest of the question types and Class work out similarly, this will be workable. If anyone knows a more elegant solution for the missing tabs, I'd love to hear it. For now, at least this is functional. Hope this helps someone else.



Thanks for your feedback.

You're right, it's a theme issue, we replaced the default toolbar (view - edit - translate) by the Opigno toolbar that contains an edit button but no translate button.

We will consider it for a next release (

In the meantime, the best is to do like you describe, by entering manually the url

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Next / BAck Button disappeared in Activities

I experienced, that the next / back Button in a SCORM Activity disappeared for no reason. I use Opigno 2.10. Thank you Gerald