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Drupal 8 is on the road. Have a roadmap to migrate on Drupal 8 or will you stay on Drupal 7 some more monthes ?


Encolpe Degoute

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James Aparicio

Hi encolpe.degoute, We certainly plan on migrating Opigno to Drupal8. The time it will take depends on when its released ofc, and the availability of some core contrib modules that we use for Opigno. We are most definitely exited with Drupal8 and plan on migrating it as soon as possible. Best regards


No, not yet.

We plan to wait to have some required modules for Opigno (like OG) to be ported to Drupal 8 before migrating Opigno.

At the moment it's difficult to announce a precise date.

Best regards,


Any update on timing for a Drupal 8 release? Any progress with the required modules? Thanks.

The base modules Opigno are not entirely ported, but we should be able to start soon

A D8 version of Opigno should be available during the first half of 2017.



hi, thanks for keeping us posted on the timeline! much appreciated. 1) are you thinking of using the new group module, instead of og? 2) will you be taking comments/ideas on feature priorities for the D8 version? 3) D8 version will be on github, yes? and you'll take PR's? thanks! m
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James Aparicio

Hi Sashok,

Yes, there is continuous progress regarding Drupal 8 version.

Best regards


Any more news on when the drupal 8 version will be out?


The beta D8 distribution will be released this week !

Let's stay in touch !


Hello Axel! Will it be possible to automatically upgrade from opigno D7 to opigno D8? I mean not not now, but eventually when opigno D8 becomes stable release.


For the moment there will be no upgrade script. We will have a look at it later


I am about to start a new e-learning website, is worth starting directly with the d8 beta version? If so... will be out this week at the end? Thanks!