Opigno usability

Hi, I think Opigno theme and also the usability has some problems. Usability error 1 of 764: The hidden course catalogue; If you put user in front of the Opigno main screen, with desktop browser, and give him a task to tell 3 course names what the site has. Will the user think "of course, courses are probably hidden under the "home" icon button"? That is what the current main page assumes. No, home -icon is a home icon. It is universal icon for a single behaviour "go to home page". There are never menus under the home icon. A menu is shown with a different icon. At first look, user can't see anything related to courses, and if he is lucky, his mouse cursor may accidentally hit the "home" icon. And suprise suprise, under the home icon is a menu. Why? Does anybody know any other software, where menu is hidden under the "home" icon? Browsers have "home" icon, and it really has one single function. Go to home. Who thinks this is a usability issue, if 100 agree I will reveal the next usability issue out of 764. Solution: make the menu open as default.

Opigno Usability

But that is what the catalogue icon is for. there you find the courses. the Home Icon takes you to a dashboard.. This is not a usability issue.

Hi Anaconda,

Hi Anaconda,

As asikuy raises it, what you write is very strange, we have a training catalogue with an explicit icon, no doubt all the users will understand where to find trainings. At least you are the very first one not able to find them...

It seems also that you are not using Opigno 2.x but Opigno 1.x. If usability is important for you, I advise using the latest version, that was also improved for usability.