Menu collapsible

I am using one of the downloaded Opigno. It is very nice. I am just wondering if the left side menu could be collapsible? It would give user better view, if it does. Or, do you have some suggestion about how I could do it? Thanks.

Hi Zhangyi5.

Hi Zhangyi5. Excellent idea. I opened a Feature Request ticket [here]( This shouldn't be too hard to implement. We're planning a new release for Friday. Maybe, if time allows it, we'll be able to squeeze this feature in as well. I'll keep you posted.

Left side Menu

Hi, I have been searching for LMS portail.I think Opigno is the best.But my issue is the customization.How can we add more menu to the left side ? I am using drupal 7.Adding new menus does not appear... Please can you help ? Thanks

Done. It will be on the new

Done. It will be on the new release we'll publish by the end of the day. Thanks for the idea.