Make existing content part of a course

Thomas Regli
Hi We have various content on our website which we would like to include in some courses / modules of Opigno. But we don't want to duplicate the content. Is it possible to link to this content as part of a module? If so, how can the student return to the course after watching / reading the content (e.g. return to module link on top of page)? I would like to avoid solutions like open a new page or lightboxes. Thank you Best, Thomas

Hello Thomas.

Hello Thomas. There are several ways to achieve this. **New course tool** One would be to register a new course "tool". A tool provides functionality and/or content for course members. For example, the "Lesson" tool provides a bridge between a course and quizzes. The "Videos" tool allows teachers to upload videos and link them to a course (instead of just "floating" around in the system). This is done by creating a new module (which can be very simple) and implementing the [`hook_opigno_tool()`]( This module could then create a bridge between your content and the course in a way you control (although one very easy way would be to set your content types to be "group content types", and link them to a course - if you're unfamiliar with OG, let me know, and I'll explain in more details how to achieve this). An example of such a simple bridge module would be [Opigno Poll](, which enables the Drupal poll module for Courses. **New lesson slide type** Another way could be to register your content as Lesson slides (aka Quiz questions). That way, you could include your content as theoretical slides inside a lesson (which is, in fact, no more than a Quiz). This could require some more code, as the Quiz API is not always as well documented and/or well thought through.

How to Create a seprate course link for subscriber ?

Hello, I created the course and i added content on it. I don't want to create training for this course, can I share this course link with other users via direct link. is it possible or any other way for this requirement. Thanks in advance

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