Introduction of New user

Hi, To Introduce myself: My name is Stephen.I live in Oregon, in the USA. I'm new to Opigno. Recently I've been trying to find an e-learning solution to teach online courses (homeschooling and also some other uses). I've tried out Moodle and liked a lot about it. Over a period of weeks I studied hard trying to learn it and set it up for what I needed, but finally realized that I couldn't make it work satisfactorily for my situation. In my search to find another solution I just found out about Opigno a few days ago and am trying to learn how to use it. I'm excited about finding Opigno because I have been using Drupal since about 2005 or 2006. I mainly use Drupal for my upholstery Business website ( I also use if for an upholstery informational website (, another informational website ( as well as several of personal websites . Over the years I have installed/updated/upgraded my websites and also installed many test sites to experiment with. I've installed and configured many Drupal modules according to the needs of each website. I am pleased to find a LMS that uses Drupal as its base, and also lets us add more modules as needed. I see so many possibilities for (hopefully) customizing Opigno to more suit my needs (which was impossible with Moodle and the other LMSes that I tried). Before installing Opigno in on my own website I tried your demo. It showed some promise of possibly meeting my needs, especially since I should be able to install additional Drupal modules to help customize it better. At this point I've got Opigno installed, up and running and have been testing it out. I have begun to set up some classes, courses, lessons, students, student managers, etc. I've downloaded the user manual and have been reading it. I will have some questions, but just want to post this as an introduction. Best Wishes, Stephen.

Hi Stephen,

Hi Stephen, Welcome to our forum. I hope you will enjoy Opigno. If you have experience with Drupal websites, you will for sure be very quickly familiar with Opigno. Don't hesitate to post on this forum for any question or idea you would like to share with us. Best regards, Axel