Curious about version 1.24

On your development roadmap for 1.24 you state that there will be a new user interface with improved user experience. Is this an overhaul of the Platon theme or something completely new? Are you still on-track for this month or will it be pushed?



The new release will introduce improved interfaces while keeping the Platon theme.

A deeper redesign will be introduced with the Drupal 8 version of Opigno.

We are actively  working on this new release, but we anticipate that we will be late compared to the announced timeline. Mid-November would be more realistic.


Updated 1.24 timeline?

Hi I need to start on a new installation of Opigno soon (before the end of the year), so I'm just wondering if there is any update on "mid-November" as the release date of version 1.24? I'm hoping to avoid installing 1.23 and then having to upgrade it straight away.... Thanks Simon