Authentification error

Hi everybody, I've just started with Opigno but I'm an old drupal developer. I would like to create a website for an e-learning project and I've got a strange problem with login and authentification. I installed Opignol yesterday evening without errors on my OVH host. But when I'd like to log myself with my email and my password, Opigno has told me "Useraccount or password not working" "have you forgot your password ?". I haven't forgot my password and I can only reset the password if I want to log on the plateform after a logout... Anyone has already seen this kind of problem ? Thank for your help !
Robert Carr

Not encountered this problem.

Not encountered this problem. Do you have command line/Drush access? If so use `drush uli`

Check if login with email is the normal behavior

Hi! Have you tried with username instead of email? As far I know, the default installation allow you to login with username. To login with user email you would needed to install an extra module. I'm using [mail_login]( module, but there are other options.

Great Fichen ! Thanks it was

Great Fichen ! Thanks it was only that ! I've just tried with the username and it works. Problem solved !