Alternative web conference

Hi , Webex is a great tool, but it can be an expensive solution. Is there a plan to integrate something like the big blue button?



Did you check the Opigno collaborative solutions, that are much more affordable than Webex?


While the Opigno

While the Opigno collaborative solution is less expensive some may want to have a pure open source solution like Big Blue Button or OpenMeetings. Would be nice to offer that option as an alternative.

Hi Ev,

Hi Ev,

There is already a module on that you can install on your Opigno instance (since Opigno is based on Drupal, you can install any Drupal module on your Opigno instance !).
Here is the link:

Now if you need a complete integration with score system and all, you can contact us for a custom development using our contact form:

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If you do not have your own

If you do not have your own BBB server, you do not need to bother. The service on the basis of BigBlueButton - createwebinar(dot)com provides it. Pay attention to the whole service pros, for example, no more issues related to IOS devices as for those html5 is used. Many more other useful features are available.