Video Capture

I wish to create an environment where course creation is as easy as possible. It would be great to have a video capture widget within Opigno that enables a person to record video and audio and place it in a course with only a couple of clicks and without leaving my Opigno site. I haven't found an such an Opigno module. However, I found a Drupal module called Media Recorder (media_recorder 7.X-1.0-alpha 11). Its description seems to fill the bill, but it has no user manual and has very few installed instances (around 100). Does anyone know whether additional Drupal modules can be integrated easily into the Opigno environment? and, Anyone have any experience or advice about Media Recorder? Any other ideas about how to accomplish the above?

The module is in aplha state

The module is in aplha state it seems ( that does maybe explainalso the number of installs), however: 1) Opigno is a Drupal so extra modules can be added 2) Not me 3) I short did a try on but additional libraries are required (Flash related) and on i cannot add those. Advice is install it locally on a drupal install add the libraries and try. However flash does sound spooky to me.