Using an unconfigured subtheme breaks the login form

Hello, I am attempting to deploy a subtheme for platon. I simply created the subtheme's .info file and deployed it to check site behaviour. Now when logged out, the login form appears beneath the menu and pressing the login button in the header has no effect. I have attached a link demonstrating this:

After applying subtheme, the

After applying subtheme, the login form div has class 'region region-sidebar-first'. When using the base theme, the class is 'region region-header-login open'. I have concluded there must be a setting in Drupal/Opigno's UI that allows me to change the region on the login form block from 'region-sidebar-first' to 'region-header-login open'. Please advise on how to change the login block's region

The regions present in the

The regions present in the Platon base theme were not inherited by the sub theme. I attempted to add the regions to my theme's .info file. This resulted in the login form being completely removed from the DOM. It also broke the homepage slider. The slider would no longer rotate between images, the text was displaced, and a 20px line appears between the menu and the slider. Creating a subtheme has resulted in the utter breakdown of the base theme. There needs to be more explicit instructions on maintaining the base theme's configuration when a subtheme is applied. This should be the default behaviour, but instead login and slider breaks hard. Here is a screenshot illustrating these problems:

I have the same question

did anyone ever find a solution to this?


To make the login form work you need to copy the regions from the platon theme: - open - copy the regions: regions[help] = Help regions[header_login] = Login header regions[sidebar_first] = First sidebar regions[content] = Content regions[content_bottom] = Bottom of content regions[footer] = Footer - Paste them in your subtheme. After that in opigno: go to structure->blocks->subtheme Set login header to login header. - Now it should all work.