Is there any way to copy/clone class and it's content (activities) ?

Hi, I have a class which has say 2 courses and 10 lesson activities. I want to copy this and rename to another class since many of the activtities are same or it's same course but I am adding few things to it. How can do this. Can someone please help. TIA Gees

Me Too

I am very interested in the answer to this question also.
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All content in Opigno is reusable, starting from the course all the way to the question.

So you can  reuse a course in another class if it is does not change, you can reuse a lesson in other courses  if it doesnt change and you can also reuse questions/steps of lessons in other lessons.

Its just up to you to check what you want to reuse/create another one or simply change it.

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James...sorry answer not clear

The core of my interest in this question was not so much if the content was reusable, but could it be copied over to a new course(for example) and edited without affecting the original. This would give me the ability to create course templates with blank slides, or slides with image placeholders, three or four quiz questions..etc, etc. This would cut down on the time it takes a course author to build a course and also help to enforce standards
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If you use H5P you could store the template questions locally

There is a way of working around this which gives you the result you want... but has some manual work/labour :-): - You could make a course and set it to private so only you are added - Make all activities (Content en questions in H5P) of the templates you desire - When making the new course : - Download the individual H5P activities (questions and content) from the template(s) you desire - Upload the content in to the new course/lessons/questions - Edit the new H5P content/questions as needed for this new course Voilá

I have used Drupal node clone

I have used Drupal node clone module. This helped me to clone a class/course/lesson. Just download the module and install it under 'sites\all\modules\' folder and enable the module