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How can you theme the user profile page? I thought I would I try and enable the user profile template at admin/structure/pages however i get an error ... Page manager module is unable to enable user/%user because some other module already has overridden with opigno_statistics_app_user_statistics_page. So i'm guessing that approach is not possible. Then I find user.tpl.php in the opigno_statistics_app folder which looks like it will do the job however i tried to copy this template into my theme and it is not recognised. I can hack that file where it is but I want to do things correctly. Please can you help? Regards Tim
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James Aparicio

Hi Tim,

Hi Tim, The opigno_statistics_app_menu_alter alters the default user page. You can either comment out that function and create a patch for it, or implement the function hook_module_implements_alter in one of your modules and disable that overide. Best regards