[Solved] Tweaking Training Catalogue


I have been trying to tweak the training catalogue page that suffices the following requirement; however, didn't get a proper lead as such:

  • I want the course categories filter to first filter based on the primary category, and then further refine the filter based on the subcategory, and so on.

Example terms in course category vocabulary:


  • Apple

  • Orange

  • Mango


  • Potato

  • Tomato

If I select Fruits in the first filter, I should display all the courses that are associated Fruits vocabulary term (including content associated to Apple, Orange, and Mango). Unfortunately, the Simple Hierarchical Select module displays no result in such scenarios.

Additional modules and profile used:

  1. Opigno LMS profile version 1.19

  2. Views Dependent Filters module

  3. Simple Hierarchical Select module

It would be appreciated if any one from the forum could help me on this. In case you need further details in order to suggest me a solution, please don't hesitate to ask for it.

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James Aparicio

Hi surendramohan,

Hi surendramohan,

You should look up views taxonomy filter with depth.

Best regards



Thanks James for your

Thanks James for your suggestions.Since there are a number of taxonomy filters currently available with Drupal 7, can you please share the project URL of the module you are referring to?

Thanks James for your

Thanks James for your valuable suggestion. I figured out and implemented the module most relevant to my requirement; and it worked :)
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Several years later

I am looking to do the same in Opigno 3.0.0. Is there a step by step guide on how to accomplish this? I am able to go to Management>Categories and create parent/child categories. But if I apply a parent category to the filter, sub categories do not show.

Any kind of tutorial would be helpful. Thank you!