Slide templates not responsive

Am I right in thinking that the slide templates are not responsive? Is there any plan afoot to make them so? Thanks, as always… Harriet
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James Aparicio

Hi harrietech,

Hi harrietech,

Slides are reposive depending on what you inserted on them. What slides are you refering to?

If you insert tables it is normal that they are not responsive.


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Those taken from WYSIWYG

Those taken from WYSIWYG templates are not responsive in my experience too. What do I do to make them repsonsive? Edit HTML with CSS embedded? Seems about the only solution... Thanks for clarifying

Hi AltesisPro,

Hi AltesisPro,

You're perfectly right, the default slides templates are not responsive.

This is something we may improve within a next release. We focused till now on the interface for the responsive behavior, and did not work on the content (and templates).

To make them responsive you should first replace all tables with div, and then add some CSS.

Don't hesitate to post on this forum in case of question.

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