Semi public class subscription process not subscribing users to courses after approval

When a user subscribes to a semi public class which requires validation, the user is not subscribed to courses even after Group / class membership has been approved - pending to active state. So nothing shows up in the 'My courses' I understand why they should not be auto / bulk subscribed to the courses while in pending state, but they should be after approval. The rule that is setup for this trigger only accounts for the public class subscription where the user is active on subscribing to a class. I was able to add the event "user has been approved" to the OG membership subscribe ACTIVE rule. I think this is worth while changing in the next opigno release as it was a major showstopper for our project. Took me a day of troubleshooting to resolve the issue. For a simple change. I have added this bug as a ticket in the opigno drupal issue register
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James Aparicio

Hi jamestaylor,

Hi jamestaylor,

Thank you very much for reporting this, i will take look.

Do you mind giving more details on the change you did?

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