Scale Question - Sum score

Hi Opigno! I am hoping you can help with the following challenge. I need to be able to create a question type like the one in Opigno called scale. As below: Never (1) rarely (2) occasionally (3) often (4) always(5) Q1 How often do you do x? Q2 How often do you do y? I would like to be able to add together the answers to all of the questions and show the average, so if for Q1 the user chose "Never" and for Question 2 the user chose "always" the result displayed would be (1 + 5)/2 = 3 Is this possible? Also is it possible to put more than one question on one slide as it would be much easier for the user that click next button after each question. Many thanks! Scott
James Aparicio

Hi Scott,

Hi Scott, This is not possible currently. This would require developing another question type (or changing the scale question). Best regards

Hi James

Hi James Thanks for getting back to me. Regards Scott