Quiz summary view

Hi there, Pulling my hair out trying to build a dashboard which shows the students progress in a more concise format across all of their lessons. Data wise, it will look something like this: Course A: Lesson 1 Passed Question1: -question title- correct/incorrect Question 2: -question title- correct/incorrect ... Lesson 9 Not yet started ... ...Same for course B etc. Looking through Opigno, the data I need is essentially the same as the 'Lesson completed'/'Question results' page. However, I can't find a View which generates it. I've found views which looked promising, i.e. 'my_quiz_results', but accessing them doesn't pull back any data (even when submitting a correct NID as the argument). I'm aiming to build a view, or several, which can provide this information. Am I missing something which is already there, or can you suggest an approach? Many thanks,