Question: tabs primary, secondary

Hello I changed the default admin theme to Seven and use Views UI but I can 't see Displays on the left of "+Add". Now I understand that there are not "tabs primary" , "tabs secondary". In addition to this, when I try to make a page with tabs, I couldn't see "tabs primary" or "tabs primary". It seems that Opgino profile unset them somewhere. If my assumption is correct, could you tell me where Opigno hooks "tab primary" of system please ? I have searched the hooks such as hook_menu_alter for this purpose, but I have no idea. Thanks

Hi Aladdin.

Hi Aladdin. The "+Add" button has nothing to do with the primary or secondary tabs. They are just part of the View interface. Furthermore, Opigno LMS does not unset tabs anywhere. Opigno Simple UI does some modifications, but to Drupal paths, not the tab logic per se. Did you try clearing your menu cache ?


Thanks wadmiraal >Furthermore, Opigno LMS does not unset tabs anywhere. Thanks for the confirmation. >Did you try clearing your menu cache ? Yes, I had typed a couple of times as followings: $ drush cc all I barely managed to get primary tabs shown as working with hook_menu_local_tasks_alter, hook_menu_local_tasks. I just put some markup strings into [#children] of those hook functions, but I couldn't find the reason why I had got [#children] emptied before. Thanks wadmiraal for your advice.