Question about the Course validation

Hi, I have started to look more in to the usability of Opignos course and lesson creation process and I have one question. When you are creating a new course, there is a field called "Lesson required for the course validation". At that moment admin might not know the lessons that he's going to have at that course and I believe he can't define them either (because of the autocomplete that is referenced to lessons). This means that admin has to go back to Course edit, after he has created lessons. Wouldn't it be easier to create the link between the Course Validation and Lesson while adding the Lesson? This way admin wouldn't have to go back and forth while creating courses and lessons. Here is a sample picture of my idea: What do you think? I think I will try to implement this to my test-site, any tips how it could be done, are highly appreciated!

Hi major,

Hi major, This is an interesting feedback, it would indeed be more intuitive when creating the course. I think it would anyway be useful to keep this field in course setting, in order to have a quick view of lessons required for validation without having to open all lessons to see which ones are required. So maybe a combination of your idea with what's currently implemented in Opigno would be the best solution. Feel free to post on this forum in case you require help to do this modification. Best regards,