PDF not showing ! Pls help!

When I upload my pdf then when I view it it's not showing. It is showing before but now it doesn't show anymore it shows only when you open the file manually using the open file icon. http://uploadpie.com/h18Tq

Did you try with another file

Did you try with another file?


Having same problem

Having same problem. Why would trying another file help? A pdf is a pdf.

Here's your problem

The default Opigno configuration has PDF's in Questions of Type Slide in Lessons of Type Quiz (lol) as all messed up You need to go to Home > Administration > Structure > Content Types > Slide > Manage Display https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9oG6L4KuyQ-Mll5bVFrVWIyeHM Axel, up your game.