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Hi All Firstly to say I have just come across Opigno and think it is absolutely fantastic! I am not a Drupal developer but have used Drupal to create my own website previously using the plug and play capability. I am just in the process of forming a company that will be providing elearning so your platform is of great interest to me. Few questions I am hoping you can help with below: 1) Can course content be exposed as services so that my clients technology stack/MobileApps could interface with my site to pull in course content and student/course info etc? 2) Would Opigno work on mobile, e.g responsive/mobile themes and easy app creation using phonegap? 3) Do you have a roadmap for the product, any plans to include any of the above type functionality? Again just to say Opigno is fantastic, great work! Scott

Hi, thank you for your post :

Hi, thank you for your post :). 1) yes, but it would require a little bit of coding. Have a look at the services module on drupal.org. Together with Views, you could very easily create a view that outputs JSON with course content, info, etc. you have to check the authentication part though. 2) the theme is responsive down to tablets. We still need to do the mobile though. Many pages use tables, which are very hard to get right on mobile. But we're on it. 3) first, mobile responsiveness ;). We have some ideas, but we also wait for people to tell us what they would like to see in Opigno. After all, you and others might have great ideas we would never have thought of :).

That's great news that the

That's great news that the theme works on tablets and you are looking at mobile already. Thanks again for this fantastic product. I need to think more about what my business requirements would be from a Mobile perspective, but one of the key bits of functionality I require already is that I would like students to be able to update the LMS on their progress on the 30 day practical we were just discussing (as per other thread http://www.opigno.org/en/forum/developping-opigno/quiz-statistics-and-results-sharing) So the student would have an App on their mobile, from where they could each day tick off the activities they were due to complete as part of the practical course and also from there be able to view their progress compared to other students and the class average. As mentioned I feel this capability is important from a motivation perspective. As these daily tasks will be very activity based tasks, it needs to be very quick mobile app type updates that students can do wherever and whenever via their phones. All very interesting area, especially from what I read about the phonegap capability to create apps from mobile Drupal sites.. Amazing stuff if it can open opportunities for small start up business like mine to enter the market with an associated smart phone app Good luck with the mobile development! Thanks Scott

Mobile compatibility

Hi Wadmiraal Noticed that in Opigno 1.9 - Due date: 30.04.2014 you are planning to deliver "Full mobile compatibility". Does that mean a mobile version that looks the same or different or perhaps something else? Thanks! Scott