Opigno Migration

Hi there, I am currently evaluating opigno because we want to switch from moodle to this LMS. As we use the API to create users I want to ask if the following features are included to be called from the API: Create and delete Users Create classes / course groups Subscribe a user to a course (enrollment) Apart from that is it possible to set the duration for a subscription e.g. from Mai 1st 2023 until December 31st 2023 so that the access to that course is not possible after that date? Thanks and regards Matt

I too want to know about Subscriptions

Hi, In previous versions of Opigno you could set the subscription to expire. I'm able to set a rule to trigger when the Status of a subscription changes to cancelled, but am struggling to find a way for that user to then be blocked in the Training. Is there anyway you can point me in the right direction?