Opigno Integration

How difficult is it to install and configure Opigno into an already active installation of Drupal. I know with Drupal Commerce, there is a textbook that shows you how to configure DC into a site without having to use Kickstart. I'm just not sure if the documentation will ever be there for Opigno. (Or how difficult it would be.)
James Aparicio

Hi mahatma,

Hi mahatma, All the different modules are available at drupal.org for individual installation. Opigno_lms is the distribution and the Opigno module is the core module that is required. Currently we do not have a tutorial on how to do it. But we plan on doing it. Dont hesitate on trying it for yourself. You can look at the opigno_lms profile, and also at drupal.org, at the Opigno Lms release to check the patches we apply to contrib modules. You can always use the forum if you need help. We will be available to help you. Best regards

You can find all Opigno

You can find all Opigno related modules [here](https://drupal.org/search/site/opigno?f[0]=ss_meta_type%3Amodule). Like James said, you can download and install all Opigno modules separately.