Opigno chat app

James Aparicio
A new app has been released, Opigno Chat App Allows users to chat with other users that are inside the same course/class as well as chat in class/class rooms. A Public chat room is also available.

Good news !!! Congratulations

Good news !!! Congratulations Can we have several chat rooms if we have several classes ? Does it have conference features ? Thanks

I have installed the app but

I have installed the app but how do I go for the configuration ? Thanks

It is found here:

It is found here: admin/config/drupalchat/configuration Not a whole lot to configure. Logged in as Admin and an authenticated user all I see is two Public Chat Rooms listed. Why is there two listed? Also, I don't see where I can configure a class/course specific chat room. Is that even possible?
James Aparicio


Hi, Course/class chat rooms appear automatically as soon as there is more than one user logged in that is part of that class/course. To change way users/rooms are configured take a look at my hook inside opigno_chat_app.module. This module is only for chat purposes. For conference look at the webex module. It seems two public chat rooms are appearing only when you are the only user online. I will take a look into that. Thank you for detecting this. Best regards

That makes sense, I will have

That makes sense, I will have to logon with multiple test users with different browsers then to see how it really functions.

chat history

Hi, When a user is engaged in a 1-on-1 on chat, and he navigates to a new page in the background or he navigates away, he loses the chat history. Is there an easy way to keep the chat messages in the window ? Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide.

No users online

My opigno chat app insists that there are no users online. A new user is visible for only two seconds. What can be the problem?