New student registration paiement

Hello everybody, Happy New Year 2014 !!! Thanks a lot for all these features with Opigno.We would like to use it and sell courses online.But we want the new student registration to be paid before his account activation.An example is like below: The new student registring will fill the new user form with Name - Phone-Email- Studies level and then validate the form and access an new page where he will fill paiement method - Amout or deposit - Transaction number (optional). In fact we want the student to make deposit before his account activation. How can we do this ? An other option to do this is to put the paiement page in the account activation url.But how ? Thanks


Hi, Thanks for your message, and happy new year 2014! At the moment it's not possible out of the box with Opigno to pay before the registration. You rise therefore an interesting question. I guess you would like to have the course catalogue publicly available, so that your clients see the available courses, and have to pay and register when the click on a course, right ? We will think about that, which could be an intersting improvement for Opigno. Best regards,

I can see that you got my

I can see that you got my mind.Thanks and let hope to get that upgrade soon.

We can use a work around with

We can use a work around with login destination module of drupal

Yes indeed, this is a nice

Yes indeed, this is a nice idea. Please keep us informed, this may interest other users.

I will give you a feedback.

I will give you a feedback. Thanks