New Feature Requests

Hi Please find some suggested new features below. Hope it is useful, I would certainly like to see this capability in opigno if possible: 1) Ability to open the current course as full screen and the option to do this in a new window/tab that is full screen, without the panel buttons at the side. (Useful otherwise not enough space on screen for the course content). 2) Lock content in a course so that students of the course can't cut and paste from screen/book/page/quiz etc‏. I'm sure that any solution wouldn't be completely 'secure' but would deter the average non techie user from a)copying the course and sharing with others who have not paid for it, or b) copy sections of the course and using them as part of quiz answers etc. 3) Homepage - Student should be able to add a block that shows courses they are currently active on in order of last accessed. 4) Homepage - Students should be able to add a timer block. The timer would have stopwatch and interval training functionality. Students need to be able to time themselves on how long certain set of questions take to anwser. Also for some practical courses some tasks have to be practiced within a certain time period and then repeated. Timer would need following config: Stopwatch timer: Interval Timer: Be able to set and save: Name of timer, Warm up duration, Interval Cycle (number of sets and duration of 1 set), Number of cycles (how many times to repeat the sets), Rest duration, Cool down duration. Be able to set sound on start of each phase (including upload an audio for speech introduction to the exercise). Phases are warm up, interval, Rest, Cool down. Start/Pause toggle button and Reset button. Be runnable without internet connection, for when on mobile device. 5)Homepage - Students should be able to add statistics widget to see their progress on courses vs class average and other students as described here… 6)Homepage - Students should be able to write notes here. 7)Social Media - Facebook, Twitter posts about courses started/completed, progress posts Hope that all made sense Thanks Scott


Hi Scott,

Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate a lot, this kind of information from Opigno users is always very interesting for us.

There is a lot of very interesting ideas among your proposal.

We will add them into our development roadmap for next releases. Given that we already have a lot of ideas for new features, we will have to set priorities, and all of your ideas won't maybe added in the next release, but we will for sure consider all of them.

Thanks again for your interest in Opigno and for sharing your ideas with us, that's really nice.

Best regards.


Personal File Manager

Hi, Would it be possible to implement option for all users to have their own private space with disk quota that only administrator will be able to change? I have seen that there is an option only for specific course related files (like virtual library). Greetings.

Hi aster.

Hi aster. There already is such a feature, although not all users have access to it out of the box. First, if you're not logged in as User-1 (the user you create on install), make sure you have the "*Administer IMCE*" permission. Go to `admin/people/permissions` to change this. Next, go to `admin/config/media/imce`. You'll see different "profiles". Each profile has its own settings and can be mapped to user roles. If you click on "edit" for any of these roles, you see options like file upload limits, disk quota, etc. At the top, you will also see an option called "Display file browser tab in user profile pages". Check this box. Now, if a user (who has access to the IMCE profile you edited) visits the "My account" page, she will see a new tab called "File browser". There she will be able to manage her files (which are completely separate from the Course files, mind you). **Warning** **Note that, if configured improperly, a user may see folders of other users and delete files or upload files to restricted directories**. Make sure to whitelist the folders each IMCE profile has access to. IMCE provides a very flexible and clever system based on tokens to give (or restrict) access to certain folders. I suggest you test with a "fake" account first before giving this functionality to your site users.

Open current course as full screen

Hi Opigno Thanks again for the fantastic platform! Just picking back up on this old thread... Are there any plans in the current roadmap to have the ability to open the current course as full screen or some option to open the course in a new window/tab that is full screen? The reason I ask is that when I run my courses (SWF, HTML5) in the existing structure it is quite small relative to the rest of the LMS, which is not very user friendly. Kind Regards Scott

Hi Scott,

Hi Scott, Yes, since Opigno 1.6 you can display theoretical lessons in full screen. No plan to open in a new window, since it would not be very user friendly on mobile devices. Since 1.7 you can even add sound to the slides. Best regards,

Awesome thanks!

Awesome thanks!


Hi Axel I just updated the teaser settings on the demo site and tried out the full screen option, it's great!. One issue though, when you expand to full screen it works well but when you minimise back to original size by clicking the button again the content of the slide is empty and the buttons such as view, edit, take etc are also blank. See . I was logged in as administrator. Thanks Scott
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James Aparicio

Hi Scott,

Hi Scott, I am not able to replicate this. What browser are you using? Best regards

Hi James

Hi James I'm using Google Chrome, latest version. Just double checked and it is still happenning on my PC, even after restart of Chrome and clearing of cache. Also just checked with Internet Explorer and works ok. If you can't reproduce, i'll try on a different PC. Perhaps something my side. Thanks Scott