new custom block for dashboard

I have created a new custom block. It's basic... just some text. When I make it "Available" and "Mandatory" here: /admin/config/opigno/dashboard it will not show up for new users. I thought perhaps I would edit this file: /profiles/opigno_lms/modules/opigno/opigno_dashboard/opigno_dashboard.module However, I cannot make this work either, here are the things i have tried: "2":[{"admin_label":"Ready to work?","id":"views_block:welcomemessage"} "2":[{"admin_label":"Ready to work?","id":"block:welcomemessage"} "2":[{"admin_label":"Ready to work?","id":"basic_block:welcomemessage"} ... and probably lots of others I can't remember at htis point.