New content with related course

Hi! I'm trying to create copy of Dashboard new content-view with a new field called "Related course". With this field, user could easily see the course that the content is related to. See example picture: I have tried to figure out the relationships between the groups, but I didn't manage to create a view which would give me desired result. I guess that you need to get the title-field from Content: Courses somehow? Could you give me some guidelines where should I start? This would also be a great addition to your new versions of Opigno!
James Aparicio

Hi major,

Hi major, First thing would be to know where is this information stored, the view will only display information that is stored in the database (unless you create a php field view and hardcode the related courses, something that i suppose you do not want and i do not recommend)). You can either use the Category taxonomy that already exists inside the course or you can create an og group reference field inside the course. Using the existing category taxonomy field wouldn't require you to create a field, but is more challenging from the view perspective. Best regards

Thanks, I was able to find

Thanks, I was able to find the solution. Awesome support! :)