Integrating TFA with Google Auth

Has anyone successfully integrated the D8 TFA module using galogin? I have integrated TFA but am having issues showing it at user login and creation.

Integrating TFA with Google Auth

I installed the TFA module with Google Auth on Opigno but it didn't work. The TFA setting and Google Authenticator can be setup but after login to Opigno by username and password, it cannot get into the Google Auth page and back to the main login page. Anybody know how to fix it ?

Hi, You need to install and…


You need to install and enable all these modules:

  1. composer require drupal/tfa drupal/real_aes drupal/tfa_ga_totp
  2. drush en tfa real_aes tfa_ga_totp

Then you need to:

  1. Create a key 
    • go to /admin/config/system/keys and add a key;
  2. Create an encryption profile
    • go to /admin/config/system/encryption/profiles and add new profile
  3. Configure TFA settings:
    • go to /admin/people/permissions and add permissions for setup and disable TFA (otherwise only admin will be able to do this); 
    • go to /admin/config/people/tfa and enable TFA

Did the suggestion work?

Currently I have a clean D8 installation with tfa/ga_login/real_aes all working fine. On the same environment I have a clean D8/Opigno installation with tfa/ga_login/real_aes etc and although the setting up of tfa for a test user works OK actually logging in fails and just returns to the login screen.