How to stay update to date with Drupal Core

Hi, How can we stay up-to-date or upgrade to latest Drupal core release? e.g. Drupal core now is 7.27. Do we always need to wait for Opigno dev team to update then release? Thanks, Fred

Hi Fred,

Hi Fred, It's better to wait for the next Opigno release. Upgrading with the new Drupal core will work, but you may have some errors during the next Opigno upgrade. That's why I advise you to wait for the next Opigno release. Don't worry we always carefully monitor security updates, and will release new Opigno versions when required (very fast in case of critical security problems). In this case (Drupal 7.27) this is absolutely not a critical security issue, but we will anyway probably release a 1.10 Opigno version within the next days. Best regards,

Thanks Axel.

Thanks Axel.


Hello, what should we do with Drupal 7.34? Will you update Opigno or we should upgrade Drupal core?
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Hi schifazl,

Hi schifazl,

You can upgrate if you want, or you can wait for a new version from us.

If there is any incompatibility we will fix it when updating to the new version. There is no garantee it will work flawlessly, but most probably it will. Just keep a backup of the site and database before doing the upgrade just in case.

We keep up to date with Drupal core, so a new version of Opigno should not take very long.


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