How to make course content popup

First of all great platform and big thanks to the developers!! Before I begin I am quite new to the opigno platform hence currently just playing around and considering of using it with one project at our school. Currently we have only one issue: The content of the lesson is displayed in a very small window. Even when making it larger it still is quite small. We are wondering if it is possible to make course content I.e. PDFs, quizzes and so on, appear as popups. We are trying to make the content fill the screen, instead of having limited visibility and being mixed with other options and buttons on the sides. The main idea is when you start a course, it fills the screen as a popup. We are trying to immerse the student in the content and make the transition to the next lesson seamless by adding the "Next Lesson" button in the bottom of the popup. Has anybody done anything like that before or does anybody know how to implement that? Any suggestions, walkthroughs ideas are very helpful. Thanks in advance,

Hi Art,

Hi Art, Have you noticed on the top right there is a fullscreen button when inside a lesson? You could do a small change to trigger it by default. Best regards

Hi Admin,

Hi Admin, Thanks for the reply. Yes I did notice that and it is good for viewing quizzes and such, however when reading PDF's, only half the screen is visible. Therefore I wanted to change it into a popup so all content is presented the same fashion. But I'll look into the PDF plugin, maybe I can change the visibility there.