How To Improve Display Lesson Results All Students

Hi all, Firstly, thanks for making this excellent platform available for free! It has been something of a learning curve as a Drupal novice, but I'm really loving how customizable everything is. On that note, I am trying to generate a Lesson Results overview dashboard of sorts and was wondering if you had any ideas on this particular sub-project. The idea is to tweak the results page for each lesson to contain the following: The option to filter only on the results of each students first attempt. Display the average (or median) time it takes a student to complete a test (both of all results and first attempts) Give a breakdown (for example in a chart) of the average (or median) pass percentage per question. So if you can score 3 points in any one question and the average is 1 point, this would be 33% I hope you can provide me with some input on these ideas. Thanks! Gijs