How do I integrate commerce?

Hello, I would like to sell my courses to users but I see no documentation on using the Opigno Commerce App. How do I integrate commerce with my Opigno site?
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Hi tamuren

Hi tamuren

If you look at the user manual, there is a reference to the commerce.

Opigno uses the drupal commerce module. It automates the product creation. IE : after you install the app, the courses will have a new field "price", if you set a price on a course, a product will be automatically created and the option to buy a course will show up in case the user is not part of it.

It is extendable by all the drupal commerce modules.


Thank you James, I was able

Thank you James, I was able to successfully implement commerce.

How do I change the default country in Opigno commerce checkout

I am trying to change the default country for the billing address in the commerce checkout but I couldn't. There is no way in the user interface that enables me to do so nor form alter is changing the default value for the select field. For some reason, opigno commerce ignores the default country in the website and the default country in the user profile. Can you please guide me to how to change the default country. Thanks

Does the commerce feature

Does the commerce feature have support for paypal? I don't see that feature after installing the commerce app. If not, any plans to have an easy paypal setup?

Yes Paypal is supported

Yes Paypal is supported


I have problem with selling trainings and non-opigno products

We want to sell trainings and other products as well but have problems with checkout when payment is processed. Details of my issue are I posted here: . It looks like the order is not saved on payment when the group is missing i.e. not Opigno product. Please advise.