How to create a custom sub-theme of Opigno

Hi Guys First of all, great work you guys. Right now i'm working on creating a sub theme of the theme used for Opigno since i want no modifications to the core functionality of it. Can you guys help me out. Its urgent and i checked your "Opigno video tutorials". "Create a custom sub-theme (Wouter)" is listed there but the video isn't available right now. Could you point me to the right direction by just listing the steps needed for creating a sub theme. Would love to have your help. Thanks

Hi Sajeel.

Hi Sajeel. Thank you for your interest ;-). I haven't had the time to create the video yet, but it's on the todo-list. I must first say I plan to make Platon (the Opigno theme) more modular, by splitting the page layout in bits and pieces, so a sub-theme can override specific page parts, instead of the entire page layout. This would be part of Platon 3.x, and is in the works. There's a very detailed article about sub-theming [here]( The gist of it is this: 1 Create a new folder in your `sites/all/themes` folder, that has the same name as your theme (e.g. `mytheme`). 2 Create a `` file (replace `mytheme` with the actual name of your theme). 3 Add the following lines to it: name = My heme description = This is a sub-theme of Platon, made by me, with love and passion. core = 7.x base theme = platon 4 You probably want to keep the default CSS, but add a new file with your own styles (after the Platon ones, so you can override styles). Add the following line to the `` file: `stylesheets[all][] = css/my-css.css` (**note**: the filename must be different from the filenames used by Platon. If you use the same filename, it will disable the one from Platon). This will already allow you to do a lot. With Platon 3.x, wou'll be able to do even more, overriding only the header, changing the left column, etc. If you want to override the page markup, create a `templates` folder and copy the `tamplates/page.tpl.php` from Platon to it. Change it as you see fit, and Opigno will start using your template instead of Platon's. Hope this helps. Let me know if you're stuck and need more advice.

We posted a video tutorial

We posted a video tutorial for this: