How to count passed courses in opigno quiz module

I have function hook_quiz_finished($quiz) {}; I can count passed lessons. How is possible to count passed courses? Thanks.

Please help. Why this forum

Please help. Why this forum so inactive?
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Hi marcis26,

Hi marcis26,

The forum is not inactive. 

Whenever it is possible for us, we help out users on the forum. 

The hook _quiz_finished is exectuted everytime a user has finished a lesson, independant of the score the user had.

To check if a user has passed a course you have the function  opigno_quiz_app_user_passed. 

To get all user groups, you can use the og function og_get_groups_by_user.


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Thank you very much! You

Thank you very much! You helped me alot.


opigno_quiz_app_user_passed How to use this function to get data user is passed or not ? What arguments need in it and it can be used like hook?

Quiz time out issue

Hello Guys, i am struggling with quiz time out issue. when i start to attend lesson and leave it in middle of and when i come back to that lesson again then i am getting "You have run out of time." error. Could you guys please help me out to fix this? that will be really helpful. Thanks, Vishal