How to add navigation buttons to homepage slider?

Hello, I enjoy the homepage slider but I would like to add arrows to navigate between slides manually, a navigation system for the slides and a pause button. I see that Opigno uses a non-module 'slick' carousel implementation. Can you add to your documentation how to enable navigation arrows and dots?

To enable arrows and dots for

To enable arrows and dots for Slick Carousel, the library used for Opigno's slider homepage, you must create a subtheme. In the subtheme, create a modified version of platon.js from the parent theme. On line 45, add the following lines to the slider settings: dots: true; arrows: true; Next, you'll need to style the elements that will now render on the page. In your sub-theme, create a .css file and position the new tags accordingly. I have yet to flesh out the CSS and will update this post when complete.

making slider stop on cloud opigno [on click]

i've embedded a video on the welcome page slider.. only if i click to play it, the slider keeps going and the video disappears out of view while the slides go round again. any way to make the slider stop sliding if a particular slide is clicked? thanks for such an awesome product!