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I have a client who offers both In House Training and on-line training. The In House is separate from the online. We need be able to filter Courses by date of training and purchase them on line for the in house training. The way Opigno has implemented In House Training has the date stored with the in House Training entity but the product is attached to the course entity. The two entities connected by the "Course Tools" custom structure (which is not referable back and forth in views) I am trying to figure out whether I want to mess with PHP in a views filter/ Computed field in the Course Entity to hold the dates of the In House Training for that Course or scrap In House Training entirely and create my own entity that is referenced in Course. I am leaning toward scraping the In House Training structure at this point. Does anyone have any insight into this situation?
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Hi littlemaggiel,

Hi littlemaggiel,

So you want to charge individual in house lessons and live meetings? Is that it?

Or you have different courses with different ihm and live meetings and you want to sell the courses?

Can you explain the use case a bit in more detail? Can you give me an example of the user actions when he pays etc?

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I want to charge for

I want to charge for individual in house trainings. I need to charge for things that have their own location and date. So the user comes to the website looking to take a brick and mortar course. They are presented with the option to filter the view of courses by course category, by course location, and by course dates (location and date are stored in the in house entity currently). Once they find the course they want they can click to purchase. So, if I create a view that filters the in house entity, there is no existing (easy) way that I can think of to refer or link to the course which is the entity that they would purchase. I know that I could create functionality separate from the functionality of opigno to handle this, but I want to explore all possibilities before I do this. Merci pour ton aide (Thanks for the help)