At DrupalCon Prague, we discussed the http://h5p.org/</a">H5P format with falcon, ceng and some others (whose d.o. handles I don't know - sorry). A brief overview can be found http://deeson-online.co.uk/labs/drupalcon-prague-bof-quizzes-and-h5p-el…</a">here. H5P seems like a great alternative to SCORM, and we (the Opigno maintainers) are looking into supporting this format instead of spending time and energy trying to get SCORM right. H5P has a Drupal 6 module available. This could serve as a basis for a Drupal 7 version. There are 2 main areas we need to focus on: Provide a solution to prevent "cheating" when taking a H5P quiz. We briefly discussed implementing a system similar to Drupal's Form Cache. A quiz could prevent a "representation" of the correct results and store it on the server when the quiz is started. When finished, the quiz sends the result to the server, which is compared to the cached representation for scoring. Port the Drupal 6 module to 7 When these 2 are done, we can focus on implementing the H5P format in Opigno.


The H5P core team really wants to get there two work items done as well :)

Thanks falcon ;-).

Thanks falcon ;-). BTW, is the H5P repo opened up yet ? We would love to start working on this ASAP, now that Opigno 1.0 is out. We would like to be one of the first systems to be compatible with H5P ;-).

H5P repo is open

Hi, Which repo? The Drupal Repo is open. The general php library will be placed on git hub and also the libraries we've been working on. The thing that holds us back is the need for scripts to make it easier to work with each library in separate repos. We're now creating scripts so that you may get diff, status etc for all libraries at once even if they're in separate libraries. We've also created scripts so that you can commit, pull, push etc. against several libraries at once. We hope all libraries are on github before christmas. As a sidenote I see that e-mails from both opigno and h5p.org ends up in gmails spam folder. This is the reason for my late reply...

I meant the PHP library, as

I meant the PHP library, as well as the JS one :-).

Didn&#039;t get an e-mail

Didn't get an e-mail notification for this update either. The libraries will be moved to github in our next sprint starting 06.01.14. We've already moved a few libraries to github. We've also done most of the work on the Drupal 7 port, and we should be able to publish an alpha/beta version soon.

What is the current status on

What is the current status on this? I have seen that H5P is available to install on Drupal, are we going to be able to install it as module on Opigno, now?

Hi aster.

Hi aster. We're currently still in discussion with the H5P team. Namely, there's some things that could/need to be polished and enhanced on the server-side H5P library. Once the library is production ready, we'll finally be able to bridge H5P with Opigno.

Any updates on this issue?

Any updates on this issue? H5P-related course tool, would be amazing.

Not yet, unfortunately. We&#039;re

Not yet, unfortunately. We're really waiting on the H5P team here.

H5P x Opigno

Hi, just a word to say that your solution is fantastic ! We would love use Opigno with H5P, any updates about this ? Have you plan this developpement (roadmad ?) Best Tim

Hi Tim

Hi Tim

Thanks for your feedback :-)

It's still in our development roadmap, and the good news is that the Drupal h5p module is now available for Drupal 7 as a beta version. I cannot announce a precise date, but it will for sure be added to Opigno since we love the H5P concept.

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H5p x Opigno

Hi Axel Thanks for your feedback, we follow with attention your developpements and the h5p project roadmap , since we plan to use your project for our elearning plateform. A bientôt Tim