Group Membership Status

Hi, I was wondering if group membership status was already built into Opigno? Im thinking of getting our students on a monthly billed course, but if a user wouldn't pay for any reason, Credit Card didn't go through etc, I do not want to remove the user from the group / Class, Id enjoy if I could simply set the user status to: Disabled with a reason or something. Pending, etc. Id like to implement this for Members of Classes or Training. Regards, Pat

Toogle group membership status

Hi, pat. You can use this link to toggle the membership status for each user in Training - /group/{group_id}/members/default. You can apply [the attached patch]( for adding this link to the "Members" page in Training edition interface (assumes you are using Opigno 8.x-1.0 version installed with Composer).

Thanks a lot, let me look at

Thanks a lot, let me look at that patch.

So, the patch works for

So, the patch works for Training members page.. but if you want to alter a "Class", then you're looking into trouble, because MembershipStatus isn't defined on a Class. Actually I think this is a bug in the code for not looking if the group has this specific status field. Ill provide a patch on to fix this though. Error: Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in Drupal\opigno_learning_path\LearningPathAccess::getMembershipStatus() (line 193 of modules/contrib/opigno_learning_path/src/LearningPathAccess.php). This said, I'll be looking into implementing the Membership status handling within a Class & not from the Training itself. I totally understand Classes can be applied on multiple training, so, Ill try and see what would be the best way to get this working :).