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Hello, I'm currently working on a Platon subtheme, and I've hit a problem building a new sidebar menu layout Assuming I'm just creating a super simple 1 column layout: .item.item2.. , I've gone about creating the menu in the following way. 1.) Copy below templates to custom subtheme: platon--site-content--first-sidebar.tpl.php platon--main-navigation--row.tpl.php platon--main-navigation-item.tpl.php 2.) Editing each file as required, leave the PHP as is, replace the markup with my own Problem: Inside the row.tpl, the code only instructs to print the $items, however in actuality it prints 2 items, closes the row, then iterates. I'm struggling to see where this behaviour is controlled, as if it's not controlled in the template, and there's no view/setting....where is it coming from? I'm looking for a single column menu, but something is forcing the menu to build in multiple rows with 2 child items each. I can workaround this, but I'd rather understand exactly what's causing the behaviour. I can't find any reference in the code that would cause 2 items per row, so I'm hoping you could shed some light on where this is controlled, or if I'm going about this in the wrong way? Thanks allot,
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James Aparicio

Hi aotu,

Hi aotu,

Are you sure that the templates are beeing recognized?

If you add the php function die("Inside my custom templates"); 

What happens?


Best regards


Thanks for your reply James,

Thanks for your reply James, The templates are definitely being picked up. Added in an H1 tag to each of the 3, flushed the registry, and observed all of the changes. Best regards